Speaking at SXSW and MySQL Conf

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I’m happy to announce that I’ll be presenting at 2 great conferences in the upcoming months.

In March, I’ll be in Austin, Texas to present at South by Southwest. I’m on an expert panel with a bunch of great people: Leah Culver (founder of Pownce), Avi Bryant (co-founder of DabbleDB) and Ari Steinberg (engineer at Facebook). The topic is Web Service APIs Your Mom Will Love Building Developer-friendly Web Service APIs.

In April, I’ll be at MySQL Conf in Santa Clara, California to present alongside my buddy Morgan Tocker of MySQL. The topic of our presentation is Exploring Amazon EC2 for Scale Out Applications.

Both should be very interesting talks on subjects that I’m very passionate about. And if you want to catch up in Austin or in the Valley, make sure to drop me an email!