10 Tech Predictions for 2012

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  1. The iPhone’s market share will continue to grow as users will slowly move away from Android out of frustration.

  2. The iPhone 4s will be the best selling iPhone of all time by a large margin.

  3. Apple will acquire Square.

  4. Apple will announce and possibly launch its mobile device-based payment system.

  5. Apple TV will take a whole new meaning, either with the introduction of a TV set, or through major improvements to the current device. More content will be available and the new Apple TV will be a real contenter at replacing your cable subscription.

  6. The iPad will maintain its dominance and the iPad 3 will be introduced (duh).

  7. Other tablets such as Android and Playbook will continue to underwhelm and will sell in negligible quantities. Except for one…

  8. The Kindle Fire will be a HUGE hit at Christmas 2011 and throughout 2012. It will give the iPad a run for its money.

  9. Research in Motion’s stock will continue to plunge and will drop below $10. The company will be acquired by either Microsoft or Google for its assets or worst case, they’ll file for Chapter 11. I don’t think will see a Blackberry device in 2013.

  10. Google+ will growth will cease and its users will slowly return to Facebook and Twitter.